~Haul!~ Volks Candy Pop

Super exciting mail today! Two of my dream outfits arrived! MSD & SD Volks Candy Pop!

Recently I was browsing the DollfieDreams.com forum and came across a post with a link to a spreadsheet that listed several items the seller was planning to list in the coming days. I noticed two “Candy Girl” dresses and wondered if maybe they meant Candy POP instead. The price was amazing on them if that was the case, so I wasn’t holding my breath, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask.

A while later I got a reply with photos that yes, they meant Candy Pop!
Needless to say I did one serious freaking happy dance and screamed at any and all of my friends in sheer excitement and disbelief!

The catch to the great deal was that the accessories (headband, bows, & bracelet) were being left out – but that wasn’t a deal breaker for me! And as it would turn out – the seller messaged me after giving me the tracking number letting me know that the bracelet for the MSD set was going to be included after all!

After just a few short days of waiting they’re here, and I was still in disbelief that I’d found them straight up until the point I had them open and in my hands.

Look how pretty!


So the SD dress is actually a jumper and a shirt, while the MSD is a one piece dress. Look at all that white fabric ready to get cat hair all over it!

Ellen in Volks Candy PopI haven’t decided who’s going to get the SD dress, I tried it on Joeby (Dream of Doll E-An) because the poor girl has been so neglected. Sadly, I discovered my neglect has led to her being severely yellowed from being displayed near a window for almost 2 years, and her face up is extremely faded, not to mention the big long mark on her forehead from when I hit her with the Christmas tree and she fell over….:/  So… I cropped her face out of her photo (the featured photo) – sorry Joebs 😦

Ellen (Azone Ellen V: Dream of Princess) stole the MSD dress, and AAAAH ITS SO PERFECT ON HER!

10/10 would buy again. All of my girls need this dress!

Though both sizes of the dress are sold out on Volks USA, the SD version is still in stock on Volks International, so if you’d like to get one for your girls – you still have a chance!

>Volks SD Candy Pop (7,020 JPY)<

> Volks MSD Candy Pop (Sold Out)<

What are your dream outfits?


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