Me Vs. Monitor

Since starting this project, I quickly realized that my monitor colors were royally screwed. I’d completely ruined any sort of real color hopes in favor of Tera looking pretty, and I’d gotten so used to it, I almost didn’t even notice when I first started editing photos.  It wasn’t till I started looking at my uploads on my phone did I realize that my photos were super muted.


This is 3 versions of a photo of Purin, my Dollfie Dream III DDH-06 custom by Silvee, I shot today.

The first (left) is how I originally edited and thought to myself “this looks good” on my screwed up monitor, but looked like vintage muted sadness on my phone.

the second was just a quick attempted guess at how much saturation I should add to the image, and I overshot.

The third I got to where I was happy, and adjusted my monitor from there. I think my monitor is still a little bit more saturated than my phone, but its livable, and at least the temperature seems right.  To put into prospective – here’s a crappy photo of what it looked like on my monitor before I fixed it. Yeah – it was bad…

I still have my other monitor that I’ll need to fix, but at least I have one that’s decent, and I can decently edit my photos. If only fixing the lighting in my apartment was as easy!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Deb W. says:

    Even the “bad” photos look better than any of my handiwork.


    1. Spanxi says:

      LOL now if only I could take more than 1 kind of photo (the “Lazy Portrait”)
      You’re also not seeing the 30 other shots I took where I couldn’t get the focus right, or the one where she started falling in the middle of it shot.


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