Rain, Rain, Go Away


It’s been so rainy and gross the last couple of days and there’s hardly any natural light by the time I get home.
I don’t like shooting with flash or lamp light, so I’m all but smashing myself and my dolls against my sliding glass door to try and get whatever little light there is.

Today I tried to shoot Mo in her kigurumi, but I spent more time raging. 😦  I feel like my instagram shots turned out better than this mess. I’m also having trouble getting my focusing right – I’ve bounced manual and auto focus and neither is working out for me.

I’m hoping it will be easier when it’s finally not raining. Till then it’s high isos and grainy, poorly focused photos for days \o/

How is everyone else’s weather today?

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Deb W. says:

    It’s been rainy off and on here as well. Today, a little sun is poking through here and there.
    I have lighting issues in my apartment as well. I could open all of the blinds on the sunniest day, and it would still look like I am shooting inside of a cave.


    1. Spanxi says:

      That’s EXACTLY how it is for me too! – hahaha. My first two apartments when I lived in the south were PERFECT, I would love to have my second apartment back. the lighting in there was always flawless.


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