Dolly Wig & Hair Care Regimen

Anyone who’s known me, knows that me and wigs are mortal enemies. Every single wig that comes into my hands in the past, I some how manage to completely destroy in a few months, but I had to change that when I got a doll who’s hair I couldn’t easily replace as a wig.

When I got into Azones and picked out Amane, she was rooted and there wasn’t the simple solution of buying a new wig anymore. I had make an effort to properly care for her hair, and luckily I already knew the basics. When I got Miku, I ordered Volks Hair Treatment Mist and Water Wax along with her, and recently bought a Tangle Teezer off Amazon (Volks also had this, but it was a few dollars more expensive)

tangleteaserthe Tangle Teezer is this awesome little handle-less brush that has short flexible teeth that give before tearing at doll fibers.

It’s larger than a toothbrush, but isn’t near as aggressive or hard as a hair brush would be. Also, in my short time using it, it hasn’t caused near as much static as other brushes I’ve used.

For Amane, here are my general care tactics.augusthair

  1. roll her up in a towel or take her head off to keep her from getting any product on her.
  2. I mist the wig with the treatment spray (1 or 2 pumps)
  3. brush her hair through with the brush till it lays flat (make sure to brush the underside too)
  4. then I use a dab of wax to position her bangs and tame the tips of her braids

And then, if I’m doing this before a shoot, I’ll use the teezer to shape the hair between poses.

The key for product is to use it all sparingly. It’s easy to use too much of any of it and your doll’s hair starting to look greasy. I think I may have even used a bit too much wax for these pictures as the hair looks a bit “pasted” down, but I’m going to give it a bit – I think it might just need to dry.

I have only been using these products for a short time, but I love them! The spray gives excellent shine and softness to my wigs, the wax is light weight and (once I learned how much product to use) positions hair fibers without looking cakey, and the tangle teezer is my new favorite thing! It makes horrible noises while brushing as the teeth bend and give, but after you realize its the brush making the noise and not your doll’s hair, it’s a wonderful tool!

So those are just my basics! I’m still learning how to care for August’s hair, and I’m a bit nervous as how the future of her hair will look. The braids especially – but luckily I’ve not caught them on anything yet!  I’ve I’m doing something completely wrong, let me know! I’m going by my best guys based on what options are available on the market and what I see people buy – I’m definitely no expert!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Deb W. says:

    I’ve just been using the same soft toothbrush on Amane’s hair that I use on my Pullips’ wigs. It works okay, but one of these brushes might be worth trying. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Spanxi says:

      I’m a long time user of toothbrushes too, but sometimes it just tedius at times and I’m one of the most impatient people in the world, so I found myself using people brushes and combs over time. The teezer is my nice happy medium! faster 😀
      Thanks for always reading and commenting, Deb, It makes my day when I see a comment from you!


  2. This is so true!! I use this tangle teaser for my hair and for doll hair – of cpourse two different brushes xD
    And I love them. They make handeling hair so much easier. I also had the problem with toothbrushes, that I had too much hair loss.


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