TERA Update: Valkyrie

I haven’t made a TERA post yet, outside my introduction of Spanx, but TERA is a big hobby of mine alongside dolls, and the reason I haven’t updated the blog in a few days is because of a big update in the game!

On Tuesday, TERA introduced the Valkyrie class, and like any hardcore TERA weeb, I sold my soul to level cap my own Valkyrie in the first 24 hours. This wasn’t the first time I did this, as a year ago I joined the leveling race for the release of the Ninja class (which is now my main). But I decided to take vacation this time rather than try to rush leveling after work and go to work the next day with no sleep!

As with many, I was drawn to the class by nostalgic feels of the glaive-wielding Sailor Saturn from my favorite childhood anime. I thought, for sure, I would love this class but the longer I played it, the less I enjoyed it. It plays very similar to the Slayer class, with its long swiping and slamming skills, it’s also very combo sensitive and I found that missing one skill, you’ve screwed your DPS or your rotation till everything is off cool-down.  I was never able to get into a “groove” with Valkyrie and found myself “Space-barring” (ie: auto comboing by just pressing space bar and over) and not feeling any sense of learning the class as I was going.

This is just me, though. I know many who absolutely love the class, as it’s extremely OP (Over Powered) at the moment and is definitely going to be essential to parties trying to do top DPS runs.  If you are interested in MMOs or TERA at all, it is a good time to try it out with all the perks surrounding leveling a Valkyrie at the moment (you get boxes at certain levels awarding loot like a mount, temporary costumes, crystals, gear, etc)

I may play the class on and off if I get bored, but Ninja will remain my main for now – well, come next patch.

There was no dungeon update with the Valkyrie release, so without caring about gearing the class, I once again have nothing to do in the game except help others gear themselves, or farm the gear designs of the Valkyrie and sell them stupid inflated prices…..errrr I mean give them to friends and guildies who are maining Valkyries now…. yeah.

At the moment, I’m leveling a Brawler – one of Tera’s tanking classes – with Sheepy – who is leveling a priest, and just taking it slow for a bit. I already have a level capped brawler, but it’s been awhile. Sheepy wanted to level a healer, and I figured why not – worse comes to worse, I just relearn the class and delete one of the brawlers when I’m done (which I’ve done with 3 classes now, because I’m addicted to leveling)

I’ll try to do something dolly related soon!
Thanks for reading, though! 🙂tumblr_ndwzrfr2aq1tmneyro1_500.gif


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