“That’s Creepy” – When Does it go Too Far?

We’ve all dealt with this. Taking our dolls into public places, or even within our own homes and being subject to the never ending commentary of “That’s Creepy.” We’ve all joked about it, taking our dolls places and creeping people out, sitting them waving at passerby’s at public doll meets or outings, and the like – but where do you draw the line between something you laugh a long with, and something that actually hurts.

**note: those featured in the photos know they were participating in this post**

To me, my dolls are fancy toys. They’re no different from the action figures, figmas, and gore themed pop vinyls that line my coworkers spaces, but yet my dolls – regardless of their size, are subject to negative commentary. Oddly enough I found myself playing along subconciously today. I’d brought a few of my dolls in for a coworker who was actually interested in learning about them, as she just purchased her first Azone Pure Neemo, and was curious as to what she was getting into. When I walked in this morning, I set Mo next to a work friend for a cute photo, and laughed at the “that’s creepy” that rolled off her tongue.

But then as others arrived to work and noticed my doll sitting there, she became a subject of much conversation in the office, and the comments of “Chuckie” “Amilia” and “She’s going to kill me” began. As I brushed it off laughing that she was closer similar to their action figures as she’s actually just a redressed figure of Xenosaga M.O.M.O. they continued to insist that “no, she’s different, she’s creepy.” Whether that is her eyes, her hair, the fact that she was sat with attention to posing, I’m not sure what started it.
When I pressed for reasoning as to what made her creepy, “She’s a doll” and “it’s her eyes” were common themes. But again, I don’t see much difference between her and figures we all have.

So, as I often do, I find myself sitting here wondering why do the dolls get called out. She’s not dressed outlandishly, there isn’t anything intentionally creepy about her – why the attention? – and where do I draw the line and stand up for my hobby?  What version of “That’s creepy” is going too far? or how many times can it be said?

Today I decided to laugh it off, take a silly photo with another coworker for this post and call it a day.  I know they mean no harm by saying she’s creepy, just like I know my grandmother means no harm when using certain words or phrases that were OK when she was growing up but not OK in today’s world – it’s just what she was conditioned to believe is OK.

In a day where we’re being told to hold their tongues on cruel commentary about people’s life choices even if it’s just “a harmless joke”, should we not be allowed the same graces?

Why is it OK to tell me that my choice to have a doll is creepy, but it’s taboo to tell me to consider a salad instead of a cheeseburger?

“That’s fine you have a doll, I just think it’s creepy”
“That’s fine you’re eating a cheeseburger, I just think it’s unhealthy”

I’ve heard the first many times, but never had anyone questioned my choice of a greasy Detroit food truck cheeseburger for lunch – because it’s taboo to comment on the food each-other are eating, but dolls are stereotyped as creepy, and something as simple as brush-able hair and height difference draws the line between a “figure” and a “doll.”

Don’t get me wrong, I will never expect there to be a full stop on the comments of “That’s Creepy” and similar, but I do think it’s worth noting and validating that, at times the “creepy” commentary is taken too far.

Where that line is drawn, though, depends on the individual.


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  1. Fee says:

    Some people don’t know what to say when faced with something that they deem weird or childish so they just say something to make conversation instead.

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    1. Spanxi says:

      yee. It was a really interesting conversation to actually sit down and talk with people about it, kind of getting down to what are you really saying when you say “That’s creepy” what that applies to. Fascinating really. They’d noted that her hands were weird, that she had dynamically posed hands.
      Then I showed them the photos I took for a college project of people doing “normal doll things” like people dressing dolls with heads taken off, or brushing a dolls hair, having a doll that looks like you, etc – I asked them what they thought was going on. Then I explained “well they were just fixing some hairs before we took a photo, the doll has to come apart to get that outfit on, it’s just a coincidence that they look like their doll” And then you just kind of saw the light-bulb go on with them of “oh – now that’s not as bizarre”
      It makes me want to redo that project.


  2. Kristin Vaughn says:

    While I find dolls cute, I know that a lot of people are afraid of them. Like clowns. I like freaking people out though, so it should be good fun when I finally get my dollie! xD

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    1. Spanxi says:

      Haha, you’re going to be a fun doll friend >u<


  3. Deb W. says:

    I’ve never really understood what people find creepy about dolls. I actually find it laughable. I guess the benefit of people being creeped out by your dolls is you know they won’t touch them with dirty hands or steal them. 😛

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  4. wow you are brave to bring them to work. I am in the hobby now for more than 3 years and the only time I go out with them is on a meet or to a near a photo location with my boyfriend. I mostly don’t talk about my dolls with other than these people. I showed last sunday my dolls to my boyfriends brother, he is an artsy type of person and he was really positive about them… So maybe I will be as brave as you and bring them somewhere with me…


    1. Spanxi says:

      I lucked out actually, when I got a job here there was another doll person already working here – so some already were introduced! Though she left the company the same day I was hired.
      Where I work has a uniquely wonderful breed of people in my department where we all have our oddities. We have all kinds of toys, comics, and stuffed animals at our desks, and we’re generally more talkative about the newest video games than the elections.
      I wouldn’t have brought my doll to my previous job, where it was much more professional or, for lack of better word “normal”


  5. ocsbjds says:

    I’m a younger bjd collector, and when my friends tell me my dolls are creepy, over and over again, I try to brush it off, but it’s really hard to. Because to fellow hobbyists, I’m “too young” but to my friends, I’m just a creepy weirdo… I’m happy to have reassurance that I’m not the only “creepy one” out there! 😁


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