Meeting Denise’s Dolls ~ An Official US Seller of Azone and PetWORKs

It’s not every day you find out that there is a massive doll convention happening just down the road from your apartment, but that is exactly what happened this Monday! I had Pre-Ordered Denise’s Doll’s Limited Azone girl, through her facebook, Japan Doll Connection, and she had asked if I was going to pick her up at Grant-a-Wish or GAW this week. I was very confused, but after looking it up, it turned out to be a fashion doll convention right down the road from me! Of course I had to go!

I ended up going yesterday and just to the hotel where room sales were going on, but with as much as Denise had to offer, I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else!


My wallet cried at all the dolls she had displayed around her room – especially her Azone display! Tiny little Piccos!!  I’ve been wanting a Picco Neemo so bad, but… luckily? it was before pay day and I had no budget for dolls! Can’t make any promises that I wont be poking Denise about dolls later, though 😉

IMG_20170420_173610952Along with the Azones she also had a bunch of PetWorks dolls like Momoko and Roruko, and she actually introduced me to Misaki and the beautiful Barbie limiteds she had. Unfortunately I was too overwhelmed by seeing so many of the dolls I did recognize, I didn’t get any photos of the ones I didn’t!  The Vidal Sassoon Barbies were stunning, though! I wish I would have gotten photos!

Actually, in this next photo, if you’re not distracted by the amazing pile of Azone outfits – you can see one of two Vidal Sassoon Barbies she had in the bottom left corner.


This outfit pile was my favorite thing (aside from Denise, herself!) I dug through this pile for hours! In the, almost, 6 hours I spent with Denise I dug through it multiple times, right up until the moment I left, I was still noticing things I had missed!  Apparently this wasn’t even all of her stock! She had even more clothing she didn’t bring that she’s still selling online – AH!

IMG_20170421_110820_521I had so much fun spending the evening with Denise, and I can’t wait to see what she has coming. I got some info from her, but lets just say there are more exclusive limiteds coming!!! She even asked for input on things we would want in a limited – I totally loved that, and it makes me even 10 times more excited to see what is going to come! I love my little pink haired Sahra Meow-Meow, so I’m pretty confident I’m going to love Denise’s next exclusives!

Speaking of my little meow-meow! I plan to do a proper box opening for her… well, sorta. I may have sneaked her out of her box for a quick second then put her right back in her box because I still wasn’t sure I want her out just yet!  I’ve had some issues with my cats getting messes on my dolls lately, so I’m going to see if I can get something like a beanie baby display cube to keep her in so they can’t get to her.

But be on the look out for a box opening of her in the coming days!

For more information about Denise’s Dolls and Japan Doll Connection or if you would like to purchase from them, please visit her on Facebook!


Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Denise’s Dolls or Japan Doll Connection, and I was in no way compensated or asked to make this post.


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