The Great Doll Display Adventure!

As with any collector, storing my collections can be an obstacle to tackle, as well a wonderful adventure in home furnishing. Unfortunately, myself pinching pennies elsewhere to afford my hobbies, this means my displays are a place I see as a place to pinch pennies as well, so the wonderful world of home furnishing is quickly squashed into “what can I get to hold lots of dolls and their stuff for less than $100”
I’ve been lucky enough to live near an Ikea twice in my life – once when I was in college and now, and when I’m not browsing the massive furniture amusement park looking for anything “doll sized” I’m staring at china cabinets and shelves crying that I prefer top floor apartment living.

Shelf 1 – The Home Depot Shelf (~$25)

So oddly enough, all of my doll display purchases have been Ikea furniture except for one. Though most people mistake the shelf for an Ikea Billy. It is indeed some bargain shelf my Dad bought me at home depot when I still lived at home (Thank you Daddy for always supporting my bizarre hobbies – I love you) It mostly stored my My Little Pony collection in high school and college, but has always been a back up display for dolls throughout my life. At the moment It’s used for my Minifees, small bjd critters, Pure Neemos, Azone50 Boxes, and various books and magazines.

Shelf 2 – GORM ($35)

Image result for gorm shelf

When I got to college, and dorm room supplied dressers and desks weren’t enough a anymore I ran off to Ikea and purchased the biggest cheapest shelf I could find. That happened to be the GORM shelf (since slightly modified and now called HEJNE.)  The GORM shelf remained my doll shelf for many years, and held many generations of my doll collection, until my tastes changed and I wanted something a bit more attractive to put my dolls on.
Looking back, it feels a bit odd that I now use the shelf to hold cat litter, laundry detergent, and various cleaning supplies in my laundry room.  It held a lot of good memories for a lot of years.

Shelf 3 – EXPEDIT ($25 on sale)

KALLAX Shelf unit IKEA A simple unit can be enough storage for a limited space or the foundation for a larger storage solution if your needs change.

The GORM shelf was replaced by a pair of Ikea EXPEDIT (Now called KALEX) 2x2s that my Grandmother bought me as an apartment warming gift when I moved into where I live now.  It was my dream doll display and, for the most part, still is. It puts my dolls at a the perfect height for viewing and messing with, and has enough surface area to display all of them without it getting cluttered. The 8 storage sections underneath house DollHeart boxes, various care items, and other dolly odds and ends. I’m starting to store my doll clothing in drawers in the Kallex, but most of the clothing and small doll parts (eyes, option parts, etc) are still in a plastic storage tower next to it. Though eventually I plan to get rid of it and replace it with a third Kallex 2×2.

Shelf 3.5 – LACK, the shelf of regret ($7)

LACK Wall shelf IKEA The shelf becomes one with the wall thanks to the concealed mounting hardware.

This little nightmare of a shelf is one to stay away from, at least for me. I purchase 3 of the small LACK shelves – I only ever put up 1 before giving up. It was a nightmare to screw in, the screws required are huge, and I found that no matter how tightly secured it is to the wall, the shelf will still dip down and things will fall off. I bought them to store my Squishy collection and small Azones, and though I still have a few squishies on the shelf, they keep falling off and its not, at all, the adorable display I had originally had in my mind. Also doesn’t help that the display itself likes to fall off the wall on occasion. Unless you are a pro at weird shelf hanging – stay away from the tiny LACK, not worth the time or energy.

Next Shelf – DETOLF ($70)

DETOLF Glass-door cabinet IKEA With a glass-door cabinet, you can show off as well as protect your glassware or your favorite collection.The newest display I have my eye on, though, is the Ikea DETOLF. A popular choice among figure collectors, I really want two of them for my living room to put in my growing Azone collection, Squishies, Amiibo, and to hold future small figures I’m starting to have my eye on like Nendoroids, Figmas, etc. I’ve found that I’ve started to become more conscious of taking care of my dolls and figures, and the idea of a proper enclosed display case is really what I’m looking for, going forward. I’m starting to try to… more maturely? display my collection rather than just having them all sitting together in a spot for the sake of it. I’m try to adult – I guess you could say.

I’m hoping to bring one home in the next month or two! But we’ll wait and see what happens! Not looking forward to bringing many large pieces of glass up the stairs of my apartment.

I hope my rambles of my ever changing dolly displays have shed light on the options, styles, and various affordability of displays that are out there. I realize I’m just tapping a small sample as it’s all Ikea stuff, but that just so happens to be where I always end up!

How are your dolls or collections displayed?


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  1. Deb W. says:

    My dolls are sort of grouped around my bedroom. I would love to have a Deltof or something similar. It would cut back on the amount of dusting I have to do.
    I do have a sliding door acrylic display case for my Figmas and Nendoroids that I purchased from Tokyo Otaku Mode.

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