1 Month Later


I have some how managed to keep content flowing for a whole month on my blog! Honestly, I surprised myself, projects like this are usually dead by the second post or two.

I’m definitely struggling a bit to keep new content flowing especially when I’m torn between the doll hobby and gaming, and not having regular doll mail flowing in, like I did before is making it more difficult. Haul posts are easy, everything else takes creativety and effort. Arguably the picture is kinda haul-esque. It’s the first good photo I’ve taken of it since I got it, haha.

I love this outfit. It came in a recent order of azone clothes for the big girls from HobbySearch 😀 I was super excited! Came with a few other things as well that I’m sure all my readers have seen on Facebook by now ^^;

I super love this outfit though (sweater/shirtdress combo with some cute shoes you can’t see) it fit August’s style perfectly. Some day I want to get her outside or around the city for photos ❤ that would be perfect!


Till then, kitchen table photos will have to suffice 🙂



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