About Me

Spanx and Sheepy
Spanx the Elin art by

The quick story is that I am a 28 year old web designer and hobbyist photographer living in Detroit, Michigan.  I have two cats – Harry and Olive, and a handful of nameless hermit crabs.
I’ve been a collector and photographer of dolls and figures for almost 10 years, and currently most of my photography is of Volks Dollfie Dreams and Azone’s 1/3rd scale line of doll.
When I’m not collecting dolls, I play the MMO Tera Online. I love the game, and the people I’ve met through the game, and the game quickly sucked me into playing the game daily.  As a result, Tera is heavily influencing my doll collecting at the moment.

~ I’ll update more about me later 🙂 ~

Gallery of Tera art I’ve Comissioned